Remembering with Rosie: “Why I don’t play with the paranormal”

(stock photo-not actual restaurant)

Sometime in 2004, while working in sales, I had a client who had a restaurant here in Orange, which is no longer in operation. 

There were many stories surrounding it – that it was haunted, for one. The owner and I spoke about the strange things happening in the restaurant.  Items in the restaurant moved on their own. Glasses would fly off the bar and crash to the floor. 

Some employees had even quit because of it.

The history of the restaurant and the stories fascinated me. So, one night, the owner, myself, and one other person decided we would have a seance. 

A little backstory: I’ve never really messed with “ghosts”, or “spirits” or whatever you call them.  But, having lost my husband a few years prior, I was curious to see if there was something on the other side. 

The night of the seance, the three of us went to a room off the kitchen, full of banquet tables. We sat down and right next to me, on the table, a circular water spot appeared – as if someone had sat down a drinking glass. During this seance, we asked if someone would like to come through – I personally wanted my husband, Dwayne, to come through from the “other side”. 

It seems as soon as I asked the question, an electric charge suddenly went through me – from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet! 

It was terrifying.

The other two asked me what had happened – they saw it too – or, at least, my reaction. 

I stood up and said, “I’m done.”  They immediately agreed and I told them I was going home. 

I still don’t know who it was, whether it was Dwayne or some other person. But after that, there were no more seances for me.

That restaurant has since been demolished, and I won’t name it out of respect for the privacy of the then-owner.

But I can guarantee you one thing – that was a “one and done” experience for me. 


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